My name is Ashley Weed and I am a current student in the Florida State University Masters of Social Work Program. For the last almost 14 years, I have been working with and continue to work, at the Public Defender’s Office as an Assistant Public Defender.


I work primarily with juveniles in the delinquency system. Throughout my career, I have noticed the need for mental health services in the community, and the disparities of mental health care in the community.


I have also seen how strong the need is for the development of a mitigation team, involving the use of a social worker, in the criminal justice system. This is what has led me to learning more and diving into the social work program. With the Providence Family Life Center, I am excited to embark upon a new way to serve my community and to learn more about the different aspects of social work in the community and working with a different population then I do now. Also, I am a yoga and meditation teacher and would love to incorporate those tools into a holistic approach to mental health treatment.   

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