Adriana Palma

My name is Adriana and I am a bi-lingual SOAR specialist at Providence Family Life Center. I assist our clients that are experiencing homelessness or on the verge of becoming homeless apply for SSI/SSDI. During this process, I help our clients obtain medical records, complete the application, and submit a Medical Summary Report with the application. I also assist in connecting our clients to resources in the community that could potentially help with their current life situations.


Currently, I am completing my degree in Psychology. Before joining Providence Family Life Center, I was a guest teacher at the Collier County School District. I have always had a passion for supporting others. In my years of working with non-profits and the school district, I have seen the daily struggles many are experiencing. I have realized the aid needed within our communities. I want to be able to educate and connect individuals to services that would benefit them. Many times individuals are not aware of programs that could assist their hardships. I believe that I can make a difference here at Providence Family Life Center.

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