Loyda Deleon, MSW

My name is Loyda DeLeon, I am a recent Florida State University graudate. While interning with Providence Family Life Center for the past eight months, I assisted many clients of diverse populations with varying levels of physical disability including mental illness and co-occurring substance use disorders. Having the opportunity to focus on the client-practitioner relationship was the focus in my clinical semester. Using my clinical coursework, counseling and teaching life skills, and housing placement was the highlight of this internship. With Antoinette's helpful expertise, I became knowledgeable on SOAR program and the needs of those with disabilities. Partnering with multiple community agencies allowed me to find stable, affordable housing for a client with paraplegia. Not only has his quality of life greatly improved, but he will receive continued life skills during his stay. If we can change one person's life, then it would've all been worth it!

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