As your life changes, so do your values and priorities.

Personal Life Care Services
- Care Coordination

At Providence Family Life Center we can assist you with your changing life conditions by helping you make important decisions regarding your future security. We do this by creating an individualized Life Plan with you- a roadmap for your life that helps you prioritize what is important to you and your loved ones. We assist you in making decisions based on your priorities and help you achieve the life you desire.

Our Life Plan can help you make important decisions related to health care, finances, personal property and real estate, and other situations.

Life Plan assistance can include the following care services:

•    Life Administrator- Collaboration on your goals and priorities in your Life Plan so you can begin to develop the steps, tasks, and tools you’ll need to make your actions effective.

•    Advanced Directives- Help with completing legal documents regarding your decisions about end-of-life care ahead of time.

•    Durable Power of Attorney- Assistance in decisions for medical conditions, financial matters, or living arrangements when you grant legal authority to us to help you.

•    Guardianship- Court proceedings and oversight that grants us the right to manage your money, property, or life situation according to your known wishes when you are unable to do so for yourself.

Nurse and Patient
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