Guardian Advocacy


We believe in supported decision making through self determination. Self determination is the ability to make choices based on our own interests and values, a fundamental human right that many of us take for granted.  


By partnering with individuals with disabilities and their families and/or others who require enhanced care (as deemed necessary by the courts through written agreements), we seek to help create a stable living environment and increase their quality of life.

Our Mission is to:

•    Help motivate an individual to work toward more  independent living

•    Support an individual in their therapy and rehabilitation

•    Encourage the individual to improve their relationship with family members

The goal of guardianship is always aimed at restoring the ward’s rights

What are the benefits of professional guardianship?

-- Professional guardians are registered with Department of Elder Affairs

-- Court appointed and monitored-represented by a licensed attorney and personally bonded

-- Guardianship can be temporary or permanent – Exercise some or all rights of the ward

-- Can be guardian of the Property or Person, or both (Plenary)

-- Can be voluntary and established pre-need

-- Legal authority to act including enforcement – Probate Court

-- Least restrictive intervention as determined by the court

-- Protections provided to ward are legally binding (contracts, medical treatments, financial management, housing, services)

-- Reliable, accurate, and actionable information is available about ward

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