Providence Family Life Center is a authorized organizational payee with the Social Security Administration.​

Rep Payee Services 

We collaborate with case management organizations and other human service agencies to help beneficiaries *manage monthly SSI benefits.

Our services include helping clients to:

  • Establish a monthly budget and understand how to make basic financial decisions​

  • Explain Social Security and SSI payments, and the individual's expenses​

  • Advise the individual of current and past-due benefits​

  • Negotiate with the individual’s landlord and other creditors 

  • Help the individual furnish appropriate information for our review of continuing disability.​

  • Purchase life insurance or a prepaid burial contract

For more information or to setup an appointment for a consultation, please contact us at 239-676-3159 

*Providence Family Life Center is an Authorized Fee For Service agency and is able to charge a monthly fee Under Social Security rules.

Providence Family Life Center reserves the right to provide a client cancellation notice to Social Security at any time.