Rosmery Garia is a School Social Worker in Collier County. Before this position, Rosmery was a Program Coordinator for a nonprofit focusing on nutrition and increasing access to fresh fruits and vegetables for low-income families. Through her experience at the nonprofit, Rosmery saw the need for greater mental health services and felt that her passion lay there. She loved the connections she built with volunteers and was in awe of the resilience she witnessed. She hoped to find a career path that would allow her to support individuals on their journeys to living their most rewarding lives.


In August 2020, Rosmery began her first semester of the online Masters of Social Work Program at Florida State University. After a year, she started her generalist field education with Providence Family Life Center under the supervision of Mrs. Antoinette Kruse. Throughout her internship, Rosmery has focused on educating herself on the populations she serves and has utilized the SOAR program to help individuals apply for SSA disability benefits. Rosmery will continue to educate herself and hopes to focus on the health of those who experience homelessness