Life Care Services

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Life Care Services

SOAR Social Security Application Assistance

The SSI/SSDI Outreach, Access, and Recovery program (SOAR) helps vulnerable populations -children and adults who are homeless or at risk of homelessness to access SSA disability benefits.

 Life Care Services-     

Care Coordination

We work with individuals, families and health providers to manage care- schedule doctor visits, coordinate transportation and provide oversight of plan of care.

Life Care Services

Representative Payee 

We help beneficiaries *manage monthly SSI benefits, budgeting, bill pay and establish a bank account. We also help with explaining documentation and filing the appropriate information for SSA continuing disability reviews. 

*Providence Family Life Center is an Authorized Fee For Service agency and is able to charge a monthly fee Under Social Security rules.

Providence Family Life Center reserves the right to provide a client cancellation notice to Social Security at any time.

Crisis Counseling

Traumatic stress causes an individual to feel threatened emotionally, psychologically, or physically and can involve an event that causes harm. Trauma looks different for different people, which can cause people to react differently.
Perhaps you feel overwhelmed, not sure of what your next step should be. It might be time to sit down with someone to unpack the story, refocus and develop a plan to get on with your life.
A sliding fee scale is available for payment,

Life Care Services

Durable Power of Attorney

Our Life Care Plan can help you make important decisions related to health care, finances, personal property and real estate, and other situations.

Individual & Family Coaching

We provide quality, culturally relevant life coaching and social emotional support services for individuals and their families.


We can make referrals for supportive services to assist individuals and families in getting what they need to become self-sufficient and live their best lives.

A sliding fee scale is available for payment

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