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Our Mission


To improve the quality of life of the older adults and persons with disabilities through integrated health services, economic services and housing stability.

Our Vision

 A world where people have access to what they need to live their best lives, believing that anything is possible.

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Lee County’s vulnerable population is considerable; statistics have identified that nearly 1 in 8 residents are living below the poverty level and approximately 3,000 people in Lee County identified as homeless in 2021. (these current demographics have been negatively amplified for both of these conditions due to Covid- 19 and Hurricane Ian).

Read more on the issue.

The Need

Clients Served

Since beginning our work, we have helped many find the path to living their best lives.



Income Generated

We help people who are homeless or living with disabilities access disability income and healthcare, food benefits and housing.


New income coming into the Lee County


Healthy Lifestyles Education

Since the launch of our Chronic Disease management  education September 8, 2022, We have identifed individuals living with Diabetes, Hypertension, Asthma, and COPD.


Housing Stability

Since 2016, we have helped to coordinate care and provide the necessary resources for individuals to become securely housed


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