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Life can be filled with unexpected twists and turns; often times leaving us unprepared to deal with sudden changes which can cause stress and be traumatic:


Traumatic stress causes an individual to feel threatened emotionally, psychologically, or physically and can involve an event that causes harm. Trauma looks different for different people, which can cause people to react differently.


Traumatic events can include – Surviving an extreme weather event or destruction/  Disaster or crisis/ Domestic violence/  Emotional abuse/ Rape/ Bullying/ Motor vehicle accident/  Witnessing violence/  Experiencing war/  Life Changes - Birth/death of a child/ Adoption/ Child(ren) removed from home/ Becoming a caregiver/ Death of a loved spouse/ family member/ Death of a family pet/ Loss of a job/ Career changes/ Relocation/ Military deployment/Empty Nest(Kids leaving for college) Relational - Divorce/ Bad-break up/ Health Issues.


Perhaps you feel overwhelmed, not sure of what your next step should be. It might be time to sit down with someone to unpack the story, refocus and develop a plan to get on with your life.

At Providence Family Life Center Behavioral Health and Wellness Center, we provide quality, culturally relevant counseling and social emotional support services for individuals and their families.


Through our community connections, we can make referrals for supportive services to assist individuals and families in getting what they need to become self sufficient and live their best lives.

Our Clinical Approach -

Trauma informed, Strengths-based, Culturally relevant

  • We realize the widespread impact of trauma and understands potential paths for recovery

  • We recognize the signs and symptoms of trauma in clients, families, staff, and others involved with the system;

  • We respond by fully integrating knowledge about trauma into policies, procedures, and practices; and

  • We seek to actively resist re-traumatization of our clients, families, staff, and others involved with the system

    • We believe that “hope” is the catalyst for change​

    • Every individual has at least one strength to build upon

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